TERRA ETHER have since inception been fortunate in being provided with the opportunities for engagement with a diverse range of projects and clientele. Our body of work includes large commercial projects, medical centres, social and luxury housing, hospitals, community facilities, schools, landscape architecture and sports and recreational facilities.

Sibusisiwe Mochela
Nazim Jawoodeen
Avish Mistry
is sensitive to its context and environment and to the diverse requirements and aspirations of the client and user.
interprets human needs and promotes human virtues.
is enduring, innovative and has imaginative spirit and creativeness within an industry that is often characterized by 'the clutter of secondhand allusion' and the imitation of style that lacks appropriateness and meaning.
is functional art; architecture that is borne out of the complex and dynamic merging of pragmatism, functionality, meaning, aesthetic and appropriateness.
is unique for every single unique client that we have.
In addition to this, we aim to offer a service that:
imbues the fine skill of innovative architectural design.
pays meticulous attention to detail required in running projects of a complex nature.
is efficient and technologically progressive.
offers the highest level of personalized service.
adds value to a project.
will deliver more than what is required of us.
is in pursuit of excellence
endeavours to attain skills that will assure us a position among the leaders within the architectural fraternity.