TERRA ETHER ARCHITECTS, began operating in March 2000 and re-launched as Terra Ether Architects on the 1st of June 2001.

The practice evolved through the definitive ideals that the partners believe in.

TERRA – symbolic of earth, and ETHER –symbolic of spirit, reflected a means of expressing a philosophy and vision of the type of architecture and practice that we represent. Architecture dwells and manifests itself between the two elements, TERRA and ETHER; literally the Earth and the Sky; and should encompass the qualities that are inherent in both elements. TERRA ETHER is the merging of an architecture that is grounded by functionality, pragmatics, context and appropriateness, while the soul and spirit to be elevated through one’s interaction with it. It induces a lightness of being; a connectivity of body and soul; a merging of the pragmatics/function "TERRA" and the spiritual "ETHER" while being meaningful and articulate to the client and users needs and responses. It aims to reflect a body of work in pursuit of a South African design idiom.